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A request

Jun. 3rd, 2011 | 07:51 pm

I haven't really been using this, but Jasmine wanted me to post something, so here it is!

*hugs everyone*

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Watch out, Oregon, we are coming to see you!!! ;)

Jul. 9th, 2010 | 08:36 pm

Mike couldn't get enough time off right now, but the kids and I are coming down for a visit! On Monday the 12th, we're heading down to Portland for a couple of days. On Wednesday the 14th, we're driving down to Klamath, and we'll be there from the 14th through the 25th. On the 26th we'll be driving up to Eugene, and driving back home on the 28th.

We are leaving here on Monday morning, the 12th, and stopping in Portland to stay with Nan and crew for a bit. Hope to see my Portland peoples there, if possible!

In Klamath we'll be staying with my mom for about a week, then going over to Mike's parents house for the last weekend in town, the 23rd through the 25th. A few dates have been booked already for family visits, as that's the primary reason for the trip, but I'd also love to see my friends while we're there!
So far:
Friday the 16th - day with my Dad and Martha
Saturday the 17th - Grandma Marge's birthday party!
Wednesday the 21st - Dinner with my Dad and Martha
Friday the 23rd - Moving stuff over to Mike's parents' to stay the weekend

On Monday, the 26th, we'll be driving up to Eugene and staying with Grandie and Grandad there for a couple of days, and on Wednesday the 28th, we'll be driving home from there. That'll put us home for Mike's weekend, so we can unpack and unwind. :)

I would certainly like to see everyone that I can, and am thinking another gathering at the park (or maybe two) would be good, but I haven't planned this yet. So if you'd like to see us while we're down there, please let me know when would be good times/days for this, or to have me come see you, and we'll get it sorted! You can always send me a message on facebook, myspace, livejournal or email. I got the android phone now, so I'll get it wherever I am!

Hugs and Loves,

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Jun. 14th, 2010 | 03:58 pm

It turns out my last email to my dad makes a pretty good update...

We're doing pretty well. Mike had a pretty good birthday, I think! We got him a cake, cooked steaks on our new grill, and we went out shopping, to see if we could get him a little trolling motor for his little fishing boat, but he didn't find much. He finally picked one up today, so will hopefully be able to take it out on his weekend. The kids and I got him a few accessories for the grill, and Jasmine picked out a big pack of one of his fave candies. :)

Kyle lost a couple more baby teeth, the second incisors on the top. Makes his two front teeth look even bigger at the moment. :) He's out of school for the summer now, so I'm going to try to find daily activities to take the kids on, maybe he won't get quite as restless. One thing we got for him, and for all of us really, is a fishtank! We figured that would be something to help keep him mentally stimulated and entertained both, anything other than the TV. We really like it too though, it's just a little 5 gallon one, with 5 little fish so far. Oh, and he's talked more this week, he's started saying "yeah" in agreement more often, and the other day it seems I cooked his noodles too much or something, because he didn't want to eat them, and said "Yuk." :)

Jasmine's doing pretty good, she adores the fishtank, and wants to be the one to feed all of the fish. She makes up songs about anything and everything. She wants to accessorize her own outfits, and I try to let her do this as much as possible. She's still having an accident on occasion, but is otherwise all potty trained, even at night! Yesterday we went to a birthday party for our friends' son, JJ, at a place where they have all sorts of bouncy-castle type stuff, and we may go there on rainy days this summer, both kids loved it. I've got another playdate scheduled with one of her little playgroup friends this Wed, I'm thinking we may go to the park with all of this wondrous SUNSHINE!!!!

I'm so glad the weather has cleared up a bit, it's done wonders for my mood and energy. I got hanging baskets planted with tomatoes and strawberries, more herb seeds planted in containers in my kitchen, and got some shelves put up to organize my craft and sewing stuff onto, and have been working on sorting/organizing and pitching stuff. My days are running together a little, since school just got out and Mike's days off are changing to Thu, Fri and Sat. But not too bad. Been reading and enjoying some books, the ones the TV series "True Blood" is based on. Vampire books, as you could probably guess. ;)

Also, wanted to let you know that the kids and I will be coming down to Klamath next month for Grandma Vassallo's 90th birthday party, to visit with you guys and the rest of the family. Not sure what days yet, or for how long we'll be there, but the party is on the 17th, so it'll be right around there. Mike can't really get the time off work, but I can go, and bring the kids, since Kyle doesn't have summer classes this year. So I'll let you know the dates and stuff when I figure it out.

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Five for Friday, June 4

Jun. 5th, 2010 | 03:31 pm

1. Mike got a grill for us this week, and it's nice to have one again! This one is a gas grill, so I think we'll use it more often than we did with the charcoal one, it was just difficult to clean up after, and to get started. So far we've just had burgers and hot dogs, but I see grilled fish in our future!

2. My little niece, Autumn, getting sick was definitely not a good thing. But it was wonderful to see so much support, prayers, and well-wishes from so many people. Also good that at least my brother gets to come home from the warzone again, to be with his baby girl, and his family, when they need him the most. And now that she's on the mend, it's even better, knowing the support and love of so many people surely helped her.

3. Finally managed to send out photo and child art gifts to our parents and grandparents at the end of last week. They were kind of scattered after the move and all. They got them this week, and they were very well received and appreciated, so that was nice. :)

4. Got to go on a playdate to Lysa's house this week, so Jasmine and Holden could play, in addition to preschool playgroup at the library. It was nice to see their lovely home, and to have more time to chat. Jasmine sort of pitched a fit when it was time to go, but that was to be expected, and she seemed mollified momentarily that she'd get to see Holden again in a couple of days. There were also a few new kids at playgroup, so it was nice to see her meet some new friends.

5. We got some posters for the kids' room and put them up. Tinkerbell for Jasmine, Toy Story 3 for Kyle. I was happy that Kyle really seemed to like it a lot, his whole face lit up when he came home from school and saw it. And Mike turned the new grill's box into a little playhouse for the kids. He made a window with a shutter out the back, and I helped the kids decorate it with crayons a bit. I also promised her I'd make a curtain for her window, going to hook that up today.

Bonus: Heard from Amber, a friend of mine, this week, for the first time in a long time! Sounds like she's doing well with her wife and kids. Just the one email, but it was still nice, anyway.

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May. 31st, 2010 | 03:13 pm

Been slacking on everything the past couple of days, including sewing and such. Hoping to get back on track by tomorrow.

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Five on Friday, May 28

May. 28th, 2010 | 08:47 pm

1. It's annoying when Kyle has chewed or pulled on his medic-alert bracelet enough that it falls off. Usually one of the jump rings gets pulled, and the link attached falls out. Easily fixable with a pair of pliers, no biggie. But the really good thing is that when it happens, Kyle comes and brings it to me, waiting for me to fix it and put it back on him. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he likes wearing it, but he's become so used to it that it's supposed to be on, in his mind.

2. Got to talk with Kyle's teachers this week, and found he is doing really well! So well that they can't recommend him for summer classes, which is a slight bummer that he can't go during the summer, but good that he's doing so well that they don't think he needs it. :) They've been working on COUNTING, from 1-5, and Kyle will sometimes get as high as 3! He still doesn't like writing and drawing, but his independent work, as well as his coloring, are improving. He's still a big sweetie, still easy-going, still gets along with most of the kids. His teacher says a lot of the kids like to interact with him because of this. His speech teacher said that he's doing really well with the picture communication, and will even sometimes use a two-button combination to say what he wants. She showed me the communication book that they use, a small, hand-held one, that has six pictures to a page. This seems much less cumbersome than the big three-ring binder with his velcro-backed picture cards, which we have at home, and don't end up using much. Not only do we really not have a place for the big binder, but we have to keep the picture cards away from Jasmine, so that she doesn't lose them or mess them up. So I think we're going to try this smaller book idea, and hopefully he'll use it at home more!

3. Shrek Forever After in 3D was awesome! We took the kids to see it on Wednesday evening. Jasmine did much better this time, although she still got restless about halfway through. Mike and I really enjoyed it, and Kyle really seemed to have a wonderful time. :)

4. I've been keeping up on daily chores much better recently, and have even started chipping away at the two box stacks that we have left in the house. Started a new Goodwill box, and I'm hoping to fill it up and take it down there this weekend. Also splurged on a set of $20 shelves to put my sewing/crafting bins on. Hoping to get those out and put away this weekend, too.

5. It seems that viola plants are very tasty for my cat. The lovely, speckled purple violas that I got for myself have been severely munched. So I got a hanging pot for it today, as well as a trailing white verbena to put in with it. If I repot it in there and hang it up tomorrow, the poor thing may have a chance to survive. :)

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Life interruptus

May. 28th, 2010 | 08:01 pm

Didn't really get anything done on sewing for a few days. But I've been getting some stuff cleared out of the house so that I can get out and organize my sewing and craft stuff that is still packed away. I also bought myself a set of shelves to put my bins on, hopefully I can get that set up this weekend!

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Sewing Journal

May. 25th, 2010 | 09:55 am

Didn't get much done last night, a bit further on the mending jobs I need to do, and cleaned off my sewing desk a bit more.

I need a new bin to organize my scraps. I don't want to throw stuff away, because part of what I want to do with creating things, especially to sell, is to use recycled/re-purposed materials, as much as possible. But I'm running out of room, and need to start using the scraps up, if I'm going to use them at all.

Did a bit more research on Etsy. I think the easiest way for me to get appropriate footwear for a steampunk look will be to make spats, and/or shoe clips. Found some people doing some wonderful things with ruffles and feathers, would like to try. Also, spats and wrist cuffs are something I could really do to sell, wouldn't take much in the way of materials.

Anyway, off to try to knock out my chores before lunch. Blarg.

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Slow start

May. 24th, 2010 | 09:33 am

I didn't really get any sewing done last night, just a bit of research into steampunk styles and projects. Will hopefully finish the mending tonight.

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Back on Track

May. 23rd, 2010 | 04:08 pm

So, for a while I was doing pretty well, with getting some sewing done every day, even if it was a quick mending job. Since we've moved...and even before then, I have really not done much sewing at all. It's driving me nuts. So I've decided to start it up again, and jot down what I got done for the day in here, and put a special tag on it; stitch-witchery. This will hopefully help me in making progress, continuing progress, and also to quickly jot down project ideas which may or may not end up in my design book later. I need to start alternating, I think, between making things for myself and family, and making things to sell on Etsy. I have greater needs than ever to start making money for the family again, but am limited on the job front by the costs of child care. Making stuff to sell seems like a good solution, but I do need to get moving on it.

Friday night I did a couple of mending jobs, fixed a hole in the toe of Jasmine's tights, and hemmed a pair of Kyle's pants.

Last night I didn't get anything done because we went to the Bone Poet's concert. Totally worth it. :) Through going to see this band, and hanging out with the other people who do, I'm even more encouraged to start making items of a steampunk nature, in addition to the other crafts and goth wear.

Tonight I'm hoping to get the rest of Kyle's pants fixed/hemmed, 3 pairs and one pair I cut off into shorts. If Brigid and my energy are with me, maybe even get the flounces sewn onto Jasmine's pants.

I want to try to get all of the mending at least off of my sewing desk, even though there's still a big box of it to take care of, before I start in on the dress I have planned for Jasmine, and the shirt for Kyle.

Sewing this week may be somewhat limited, though. I want to get my house in a bit more order before my mom comes this weekend. And I need to get the rest of my sewing stuff unpacked anyway. I guess I may be best served by getting some mending done, and spending the rest of my time getting my supplies in order again. Until then, I need to go catch up on chores a bit.

So here I go, hopefully getting myself out of my own way. :)

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